Kevin Moore

Fishing vessel: Sammy B & Rosa Ann

Main gear used: Rod & Line

Main species caught: Bass, Pollack, Pouting, Wrasse, Mackerel, Whiting. 


Kevin has been fishing all his life, starting as a recreational fisher with his dad, and turning a hobby into a career.  He rod and lines on his boat, the Sammy B.  He’s never wanted to get a bigger boat, or get more ‘efficient’ fishing gear – he’d get bored if it got too easy to find fish – the hunter gatherer in Kevin is strong! His favourite fish to catch are bass, and not because he will get a good price for it, but because they are hard to catch..

He is firmly committed to returning fish that aren’t good to eat back into the sea alive, there’s no point killing something if you’re not going to eat it he says, that’s the beauty of rod and line caught fish, they swim away to live another day.