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We are a collective of small-scale fishers fishing out of Plymouth harbour.

We are committed to procuring fish and shellfish that have been caught with as little damage to the marine environment as possible, have contributed to the livelihood of small-scale fishers and their communities, and to get these high quality and delicious fish to your door.

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If you’d like to order organic meat & veg
alongside our fish online please visit https://farmstodoors.co.uk

You can also buy our fish through a number of Farmshops and Delis around the country. 

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Our pledge to you and our seas

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Our Fishers in Action

Collaborating with Marine Biology Students from the University of Exeter

Our Crowdfunding success!!

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"We have really enjoyed the fish we have had from you. When we open he box it’s like being at the seaside, wonderful fresh air. Our interfaces with a real person have been very pleasant, with knowledgeable comments. Thank you for providing such a much needed service to fish lovers who are far from the sea."


"The fish is of very good quality, it tastes lovely and fresh."


"Fish of all sorts never disappointed with quality, ease of cooking , taste, there is no real need to add flavour the fish speaks for itself."