Why chose fish from small-scale boats?

The environmental, social and economic reasons are explained here in one simple chart by world leading marine biologist Daniel Pauly, at British Columbia university.

  1. Industrial fishers like us to believe the world will go hungry without them, when in fact, the volume of fish caught by the small boats for human consumption at 27 million tonnes globally is more than the 24 million tonnes the industrial sector lands!
  2. Small boats discard virtually nothing, tragically, industrial boats discard 10 million tonnes a year.
  3. Of the 60 million tonnes the industrial sector lands, 26 million tonnes are used in fishmeal and fish oil.
  4. With climate change top of the agenda, industrial boats use a staggering 5-20 litres of oil for every 1 kilo of fish caught, as compared to 2-5 litres by the small boats.  
  5. The economic multiplier effect from the small boats is far greater in coastal communities as around 12 million fishers are employed on small boats, as compared to around half a million on the industrial trawls.
  6. Tax payers money subsidises damaging fisheries – $25-$30 billion in government subsidies are received by the industrial trawl sector annually, the small boats receive far less at $5-$7 billion. 

Eat fish from small boats and do well by the sea, people and equality of wealth.